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Jump start your next initiative with a Summit Session.


Our multi-day workshops are the perfect way to gain clarity around your business as a whole or a single project that you hope to get off the ground. Great for businesses wanting a helping hand but not a long-term consulting engagement.

Leave with a clear way to reach your goals.

While there is plenty of value in the Summit Session process, we also pride ourselves in delivering useful next steps to help your business get the most out of your time with Sherpa.

Increase Revenue

Boost Brand Engagement 

Improve Customer Retention 

Rank Higher in Search Results 

Generate Quality Leads

Increase Website Traffic 

Increase Customer Lifetime Value 

If a Summit Session sounds like a good fit for you and your organization, then lets start a conversation. We're excited to help you find clarity in your business.

Thanks, we'll be in touch!

Let's schedule your Summit Session!



Dig into your business

We’ll sift through your marketing campaigns and strategies to determine what’s working. Bring a list of your current KPIs to craft a strategy moving forward. 


Better ideas, together

You know your business better than anyone. Collaborating with our experts will help you push past your current limits and break new ground. 


No idea is off limits

Is your business in a rut? Are you launching a new product? Bring your business model to the table, and we’ll help reshape it. Our experts are well-versed in product development, course creation, and growth consulting. 


A clear path forward

You’ll walk away with a list of categorized tasks and action items complete with target dates and team responsibilities. We develop a project management dashboard to track your progress toward goals. 

Join us for a

1 to 2-day intensive work session.

Session Outline


Initial Consultation: 1-2 Hour Virtual Call

  • Meet with the Team

  • Understand Pain Points, Project Goals & Company Aspirations

  • Walk-through current strategies & accounts

Sherpa Diligence: 5-10 Business Days

  • Sherpa’s team analyzes your business from the inside-out and develops multiple key reports with our findings. 

  • Possible reports could include: 

    • Overall marketing presence ​

    • Financial projections 

    • Website performance audit 

    • SEO & Keyword analysis 

    • Target audience & demographics 

    • Email strategy 

    • Social presence 

    • Ad spend & budgeting 

    • Content Development 


Summit Session: 6+ Hours In-Person

  • Sessions kick off with high-energy deep dives into the business and the reporting that Sherpa has built.

  • We'll start off with: 

    • Long-term goals ​

    • 3-5 year goals 

    • Define success in 1 year 

    • Leading indicators & KPIs

  • Next, we deliver our report findings and make recommendations ​

Roadmapping: 1 Week Post-Meeting

  • Based on our collective decisions for next steps, our team builds a project outline with detailed granular tasks and next steps including: 

    • Target dates

    • Assigned ownership

    • Descriptions of tasks 

    • Relevance to larger goals

The one-day summit we did with Sherpa helped to align our team, understand our strengths, and create plans to address our opportunities. Sherpa added tremendous value by being an impartial outsider and leveraging industry best practices and tactics to guide us toward success.


Chief Marketing Officer, HelpMeSee

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